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Fashion anarchy is back

Fashion anarchy is back
Not just another online fashion store. For too long we have been told in order to fit in with our peers we need to wear what the big designer brands want us to wear, so what we end up with is just bland variations of the same thing. We want our anarchic girls to start thinking about what they are wearing and try to be different. Accessorize with spots and stripes, patterns and patterns. Don’t be scared of what other people may say, you will look great.

Fashion anarchy is back. We want you to post pictures of your anarchic style.
And no, you don’t have to purchase anything in order to show us, be the inspiration to other girls.

We can’t emphasize enough that it’s important for women to be trend setters rather than followers. Ignore what the glossy magazines say and their fashion editors, they think they are dedicated followers of fashion and want to perpetuate the watered down catwalk styles. We are truly fashion historians, we know when skater dresses first came into being, 1930’s. We know that lace was being worn even before the Victorians. We know our designers like Dame Mary Quant. I believe we are an authority in fashion.


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