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New Romantic Pants in the style of ...

New Romantics emerged in the late 70’s early 80s. The fashion style took on the looks from the late 17th Century fashion of the day. The Bronte sisters Characters from Wuthering Heights, Cathy and Heathcliff, the tragic star crossed lovers (Romantics). The bands at the time, Visage, Adam And The Ants to name but a few. Alannah Currie of The Thompson Twins (whilst not noted as being a New Romantics band) was certainly among the few female vocalists to wear the fashion.

These pants were baggy at the top and narrow at the ankle were part of the essential uniform of the New Romantic fashion followers, you would wear these with Chelsea boots, add a white shirt with ruffles and you have the complete look.

Pants are all black with high waist. Button and two buckle side fastenings. Zip pockets on each side with chains linking from front to back. Wide fitting at the thigh tapering down to narrow ankle. Bottom of the pants is elasticized for easy pull on and pull off. Nice detail is there is front leg panel that crosses over to the opposite side. New Romantic Pants


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