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Shout Out To Music Journalist Luke Luthi-Morrison From Altwire

Shout Out To Music Journalist Luke Luthi-Morrison From Altwire

Luke Luthi Morrison - Music Journalist and Brand Director.

We discovered one of our fans is Luke Luthi-Morrison, a music Journalist and Branding director at (Not limited to just rock music, AltWire covers all genres of Alternative music including Alt-Rock, Alt-Pop, Indie, Electronic and even Alternative Hip-Hop. Our mission is to cover and bring attention to new artists outside the public radar, while also covering the fantastic artists you already know and love. Since 2013 we have been determined to bring you, our valued readers, strong interviews and content that digs deeper than most websites in our class)

In the latest music reviews, Luke had just finished his latest review on Asking Alexendria

We caught up with Luke and asked him what he liked about

"Fashion and music has become almost symbiotic. What we wear today is nothing new, all the modern day clothing is a redesign of fashion trends going as far back as Mozart and beyond. Yeah, you can wear a band T-shirt but it says more about you then just being a fan of the band. Clothing reflects your personality maybe even your politics. Anarchic Fashion appeals to people who want to be different, who want attention and not be seen as a stereotype. I think Anarchic Fashion is, in itself, very different and offers their customers a good insight into the origins of a fashion style, most within the context of music icons of the past and present. End of the day fashion should be about breaking out of the main stream, just like music bands."


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