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Vintage Inspired Tap Shorts

Vintage Inspired Tap Shorts

Vintage Inspired Tap ShortsWhat are Tap Shorts I hear you ask? Well I have to dispute wiki's description of them as they were never under the category of "lingerie". Tap shorts started to appear around the end of 1920's and became the must have item for any dancer to wear at rehearsals. Keep in mind girls, women in 1910 were barely allowed to show an ankle, let alone a thigh. Roaring 20's, women's dress lengths rose. Being a dancer in the 20's came with moral condemnation from "the respectable society" A dancer was considered a loose women with no morals. Tap shorts were revolutionary in just about ever way they could be. With the introduction of new stretchy fabrics,tap shorts allowed total freedom of movement and covered a girls modesty too. The shorts were shape defining and attractive too.

In fact today, they are still a firm favorite for those who are career dancers. Tap shorts are designed to show off your figure. The high waist accentuates your hips and of course shapes your bottom.

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